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Our surroundings have grown beyond what we had imagined. Along with it has developed the burning issue of unprocessed dumping of waste and unscientific landfills in our environment. As a promising alternative to unscientifically throwing away large amounts of garbage daily, there are proven methods to turn tons of waste into valuable compost that make our homes and organizations cleaner and healthier. Sun Green Organics is an establishment which deals with the Waste Management Solutions in large scale and small scale, having a plethora of corporate and government body clientele.


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Energy is transformed, galaxies are reborn, Life is a cycle, we see a pattern of reuse in god’s plan. Earth is our place, our mother that nurtures , we want to relive here for generations, we want reuse. Let’s not disrupt the natural cycle, Let’s think reuse. This is what drives us. Here we focus on the waste we ignore, and manage it back into earth’s cycle.
Recycle On

We provide end to end solutions in Waste Management Space. Our sole aim is to provide exquisite solutions to manage and treat waste with advanced technology without causing harm to the nature.%

Success Stories

“In our efforts to compost kitchen waste of our office canteen, we faced lot of problems like bad smell emanating from the bin and swarming of worms in the bin and swarming of worms in the bin. We got guidance from Smt Aruna..

I am so glad that now I am able to create compost at home and I am really thankful to Arunaji for this. My mother used to do it at our back yard. But I always used to feel that my mother could do it because she has lots of space and I will never be...

Organic Waste Converters

Excel OWC is a pioneering decentralized organic waste treatment system. Our patented system rapidly processes organic waste such as...


Specially designed Shredder to convert kitchen waste, non-veg waste and garden waste to compost. Can crush mango seeds, coconut shell, fruits, kitchen waste etc...

Napkin Destroyers

EASYBURN, Sanitary Napkin destroyer is used for instant disposal of used napkins in a very scientific and hygienic way. It is specially designed...

Home Compositing

To know more about Home compositing click the below link.

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